Subbing projects currently on-hold.

Even though I have started on episode 2, I don’t see a good time for me to finish it, so I am putting things on-hold for now.

I did just start doing this, which is why I am having a hard time to balance out when to dedicate some of my time to sub, so please understand.

I am planning on getting back to it, just not right now. If I decide to get started back up, or just stop altogether, I will post as such.

Subbing process for Episode 2 starting soon!

Since it was spring break this week, I was planning on getting 2 episodes done this week… but then I started playing 100% Orange Juice and got hooked…

Hey! At least now I watched the second episode and will begin subbing soon after, so at least this one will be done by end of this week or so! (He lied…)

Random Update

Hey guys. I figured some might be wondering where’s the new project?

I am still in college and am looking for a job, and I also do enjoy watching a lot of anime and other stuff, so things have been a bit slow on the subbing side.

However, I will start on a project within the next week or so, not necessarily finishing it by then, but y’know.

I will post updates on progress when I start on something. Do look forward to it!

Noblesse: The Beginning of Destruction V2.1 Released!

Link to Nyaa

This version 2.1 now includes lyrics and lyric translation for OP and ED of Noblesse: TBoD.

I also included the sub file for OP&ED on this torrent, so you can grab that too!

Thanks to shiroiyume for both the suggestion and providing the link to the lyrics!

Also this will most likely be the last Noblesse: TBoD thing that I put out. I will get started on other projects soon.

Noblesse: The Beginning of Destruction (파멸의 μ‹œμž‘) Version 2 Released!

Link to Nyaa

For those who don’t know, Version 1 of this sub was 480p, had random cuts/chopped frames and audio cuts at the beginning and at the end. Granted, this one does too, but the older one was worse.

Also, I rushed that one so I did not proof-read, thus having some typos here and there. Plus, it was uploaded to YouTube, which gave me a nice badge of honor: a copyright strike. πŸ˜€

Well, this is a better version, and it’s 1080p to boot.

Go crazy!